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Commercial Real Estate

Drones are utilized in commercial real estate for aerial photography, efficient site surveys, cost-effective inspections, improved safety, and enhanced marketing through dynamic visuals. They streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and attract clients with compelling imagery.

Photography & Videography

Sellers Aerial Services uses drones videography and photography offer real estate professionals dynamic aerial views, showcasing properties and their surroundings comprehensively. This visual appeal attracts potential buyers or tenants, enhances marketing efforts, provides valuable insights into property conditions, and improves decision-making, ultimately increasing sales and facilitating efficient property management processes.

Virtual Tours

Sellers Aerial Services virtual tours offer immersive experiences, allowing potential buyers or tenants to explore properties remotely. They increase engagement, save time for both parties, widen the reach of listings, build trust through transparency, and provide a competitive edge in the market, ultimately facilitating informed decision-making and driving property sales or rentals.

2D & 3D Models & Floor Plans

Sellers Aerial Services uses drones to create  2D and 3D models, providing detailed aerial views of properties, aiding in site analysis, urban planning, and marketing. They offer valuable insights into property layouts, surrounding landscapes, and environmental factors, facilitating informed decision-making for developers, buyers, and investors, ultimately enhancing property valuation and development processes.

Sellers Aerial Services uses drone to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety in various industries requiring precise spatial data analysis.

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